Picking Up Girls Is Not Really Difficulty, If You Know How


If you were in a rush to read this to get tips on how to talk to girls the easy way, better continue reading because you’ll learn a lot more.

Picking up girls in this scenario is not about one-night stands and getting your points up in a popularity contest. It’s not about the “oohs” and “aahs”, but about the “hi’s” and “hello’s” and the number of times you and the girl will say that to each other after the initial encounter. Speaking of numbers, it’s not also about how you get the girl’s phone number!

So let’s get started.

Picking up girls is easy… the act, not the actual result. The outcome depends on how good your pick-up game is. Remember, you are dealing with real people here with real feelings and emotions. And that’s where you need to start with, feelings and emotions—in you! Forget about the macho crap that “men don’t cry!” If we are not meant to cry, then why were we born with tear ducts in the first place?

So… getting in touch with your emotions. What do you actually feel when someone, not just girls, recognize your presence?

You’re just an inanimate object if you say you don’t feel anything.

Being successful at picking up women is the ability to build an instant connection through recognition. It is as simple as smiling and saying “Hi!” Not that condescending, patronizing smile, but a genuine smile that comes from the heart. That and the two-letter word “hi” means a lot—it conveys the message that you see a person in front of you, you feel her presence, and that you would love to have the opportunity to know her more. So forget about learning which pick-up line is the best. Learn how to smile honestly and say your greeting sincerely!

After you eloquent “Hi” opening statement, follow it up with something that the girl can immediately relate to. Sounds difficult? Nah, far from it. Talk about where you are at. If you’re in the supermarket, say something like “There’s a lot of people here today!” Don’t jump into conversations like where you went last summer or what’s your latest business project. Those are totally off the mark and you’ll just see the girl nodding and saying “Ok, see yah!” Finding out what you two both have in common comes far down the road. If you’re successful with your pick up, you will find those out.

After breaking the ice with your seemingly innocent comment, you can follow up with a question like “Do you shop here often?” Little talks about what you are doing when you met each other opens the door to broader topics.

Now that you have established that little connection, it’s time to do your closing so that it can lead to another opening. You may choose to ask for her number or you can simply end the day with “It’s really nice talking with you. I hope I’ll bump to you again. I usually come here on Tuesdays!” The first option gives you more chance to meet her again, but the second one will give you more insights into your game!

Eat Even On Fanciest Restaurants With Restaurant Gift Cards


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Picture This: Photography Classes That Rock


Point and shoot—the two favorite words of the shutterbug with an itchy trigger finger. But these unschooled enthusiasts suffer from the most common problem of every amateur photographer—bad pictures. Good thing there are photography classes NYC. Now these camera laypeople can get the chance to learn from New York City’s finest.

Photography classes nyc


Beginners get to benefit a lot by just even attending one out of the dozens of the classes in photography classes NYC. In the beginners’ classes, no stone is left unturned in the fine points of basic photography. Aside from the mechanical aspects, the hard and soft skills are also introduced. The hope of these courses is not just to increase knowledge in photography, but also to hone and sharpen the creative eye.


With the advent of the digital camera, very few people have a good understanding of how the hardware works. The point-and-shoot phenomenon has made the common camera user lazy, with quickly-available pictures and unlimited shooting capabilities. The photography classes NYC takes the regular camera aficionado and transforms them into highly disciplined photography nuts.


There should be no shortage of amazing sights, subjects, and landscapes to take pictures of when in the Big Apple. With all the spectacular locations New York City has, it would be a shame if they are forever recorded for posterity badly angled and badly framed. The photography classes NYC’s goal is to upgrade the level of output to the semi-pro, while making the art and science of photography more fun.


Don’t have those fancy expensive Digital SLR cameras? You do not need one. You will be surprised to find out that regular cameras can also take great pictures. Even the mobile phone cameras can take shots that can rival those of the DSLR. There is a world to discover in the field of photography. Moreover, there is no better place to learn the secret of taking great pictures than in NYC.

Live—How Music Should Be


There is something in the underground music scene—a magic that mainstream music lost. And that is live music in NYC. Check out who is who and what is what in New York’s breaking ground for talent. NYC has always been a hotbed of fresh musical talent. It has been dubbed the center of American music. Being the music mecca in America, New York represents an assortment musical culture and genre not found in any other city.

Live music nyc


Various live music NYC can bring to you great live gigs of the freshest acts in the metropolis. Get to see the upcoming acts before they get signed and make it big. The atmosphere of the shows is much more personal compared to other music types. You get to really feel each drum beat, each hip-hop verse and even the feedback from the microphone. It is raw and live; just like the way music should be. The thrill you get from live music played by an actual live band can never be compared to a mainstream media-packaged pop act.


In addition, there is no shortage of live acts. There is a show every day, Monday to Sunday. Music has become part and parcel of the city’s soul that it is impossible to separate it from the consciousness of New Yorkers. Everywhere you go, there is good music to behold. And you can be sure that all these musical goodness offered by New York’s best signed and unsigned acts are in the listing of live music in NYC.


Do not be content with your MP3 player or internet radio. Take off those headphones and head on to the next live musical gig in your neighborhood. Check out what is happening and who is playing. Take time out and discover New York City’s vibrant music scene. Rock on and word to your mother!

Hit The Floor And Shake Your Booty—Learning How To Dance The New York Way


It is said that a person’s propensity and capacity to love can be measured by how well he or she dances. Dance classes NYC are your gateway in realizing your potential to be a great lover. Dancing has always played an important role in history. It helped people convey emotions without words. Below are examples of the many meanings of dance:

dance classes nyc

  • Celebration

  • Seduction

  • Story-telling

  • Intimidation

  • Self-expression


That is why dancing will never go out of style. Each culture and each generation will always come up with newer and more exciting ways to move their bodies to the rhythm of music. Learn to shake your booty and check out what types of dance you are into. Dance classes NYC have a variety of dances to choose from.

  • Into ballroom dancing? No problem, put on your dancing shoes and hit the floor with a dance instructor.

  • Want to learn the art of seduction? Climb the pole and learn the exotic way of pole dancing. There are even more types than just pole climbing that you can choose from.

  • Or if you just want to rub elbows with the b-boys, sign up for a hip-hop break dancing dance class.


Even if you have two left feet, you will soon realize that dancing lessons are fun. It gives you the chance to express yourself and communicate in a language everyone understands and loves. Dancing is also good exercise. You will surely work out a sweat just by doing a simple five-minute routine. New York has many great classes. Choose from a wide range of dance classes and have fun while working out a sweat. One thing is for sure, though. There are no dance classes out there teaching the Macarena. Maybe they should start one right now. I bet thousands will enroll because who does not love doing the Macarena, right?

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